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Meet Dilyana

On a Personal Note


Who am I?


Hi. I'm Dilyana - your German language and expat coach (or if not yet, I'd be honored if you choose me to). As an enthusiast, a dreamer, a traveller, a learner, a teacher, a coach, a wife, a mother, a friend, an expat, I've combined all of my passions into my work: to help others like me to learn German and create a great life that they truly love and enjoy.



What do I believe in?

Moving abroad is a very enriching experience that I believe is a great gift. 

It is a gift for us - those who are asked / sent to go abroad, who've been given the opportunity to learn and teach something new, by growing and sharing our skills and experience.

And it is a gift that we give to the others - by enriching their lives through our knowledge, different perspective and personality. 



Can we work together?

Yes, if you are also an expat like me, someone who moved to Germany for work, for love or just for the adventure and is looking for a different type of experience (meeting a new culture, learning something new, growing and discovering new sides of yourself).

How can we work together?

I provide personal coaching to help expats and their partners adapt as smoothly as possible in their new environment. So, I can teach you and help you develop the language skills you need in order to communicate with confidence. I am there to listen and understand you, to coach and support you in unknown and uncomfortable situations, to train you to adapt, to overcome embarrassment and build a community and the life that you moved for.


Why are you going to love to work with me?

Because you value your time and want to make the most out of it, so you are looking for:


Someone who exactly understands your needs and situation;

A professional who cares a lot and is devoted to achieve the results and goals you are looking for;


A mentor who is focused to work with you strategically in the most efficient, flexible and fun way.

If you are interested in making the most out of your German experience and would love to check out the chemistry between us, I'm more than curious to meet you.


Contact me or leave me a note below about how to reach you.


Watch my short video and get a first impression. 



The Official Version



Specialized Expat Training


Since 2011, Dilyana Hunley has specialized in working with expats in Germany, giving customized language and intercultural training in form of private lessons. In 2013, she continued doing that as an Online Coach, designing personalized programs and individual trainings that meet students' needs in terms of full flexibility and effectiveness. 





Previously, Dilyana Hunley has worked as a German teacher and Foreign Language Advisor for a variety of institutions in Germany, the USA and Italy (universities, private schools and corporations), teaching in different settings (classes, small groups and her favourate - individual lessons), all age groups (13-65), people with different nationalities (from more than 100 countries) and academic backgrounds (students, post-graduates, professionals and high-level managers).



Education & Research


Dilyana has graduated with a Master's Degree from the University of Marburg in Linguistics, Teaching German as a Foreign Language and Linguistic Engineering with focus on adult education and e-learning.


For 3 years, she was a Research Assistant working for the Virtual Linguistics Campus (VLC) - the world's largest e-learning platform for linguistics, where she developed multimedia learning materials.



Teacher's Training


She is the author and course developer of the online course "Mistake Analisys and Correction" as part of the Online German Teacher's Degree at the University of Marburg. 


Dilyana led multiple workshops for foreign language teachers, worked as a speaker for Cornelsen (publishing house) and continues working as a speaker and lecturer at different conferences and institutions.



Foreign Language Learner


Dilyana is a speaker of 5 languages (Bulgarian - mother tongue, German & English - near-native, Italian - everyday fluency, Russian - hibernating after 3 years of classes in college, and currently learning Hungarian because of her recent move to Budapest).



Living Abroad


Dilyana moved abroad at the age of 18 and since then she's spent the biggest part of her conscious life in Germany (nearly 10 years), the USA (1 year), Italy (over 2 years), currently residing in Hungary (since Aug. 2015). She was born and raised in Bulgaria. Who knows what comes next...




For further CV details, check her LinkedIn-Profile.

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