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The Secret of Successfully Mastering German

What is the best method of learning German?

Full immersion?
An intensive course?
Hire a professional private teacher?
Get a German boyfriend or a girlfriend?

Does this also work for you?
Are those just myths or is there something true about them? 
And even if they would work for some learners, isn't there something that could just work for everybody?
And it is not a mystery. Practice shows it every day.

Now you would ask me:


How do you know what's the best for me if you've never met me?
Well, here ist how I know. After having my master's degree in linguistics and teaching German as a foreign language, after teaching thousands of students from all over the world, working with different methods, curricula and learning styles, and even trying out the above myths, I put together a simple "best practice formula", which will help YOU understand how to master the German language. I call it the 5 Pillars of Mastering Language Learning. But before I do so...


Let me ask you this simple question:

Do you believe? 
Do you believe that you are ever going to master German?
Yes or no?

For ALL of YOU who do not believe and at this point are thinking: "Oooo, I am never going to master this language...", I must congratulate you, because you are right!

If you do not believe that you will ever be able to speak German, that it is too hard or you don't have enough time and on this website, you were hoping to find this magical way to put the knowledge in your head... then here is what you need to do:
              1. STOP reading now.
              2. Go do something you actually like. 

I guarantee you, your time is better invested in doing something that you feel excited about, rather than trying to convince yourself in something you are supposed to do, but do not believe in.

Thank you for being honest to yourself and have fun with whatever makes you happier!

For ALL the BELIEVERS , I must say: "Welcome to the club!" and I have my special gift for you and how you are going to become a MASTER of the German Language. You need these 5 most important things:

      1. Building and keeping a STRONG MOTIVATION throughout the entire process.

      2. Having the right TOOLS and TECHNIQUES that serve your goals.

      3. Applying proven SUCCESSFUL STRATEGIES to get quicker results. (Why? In order to optimize your (learning) time, regain motivation and focus on your priorities)

      4. Putting into PRACTICE your new skills and self-track your learning progress.

      5. Having a GOOD MENTOR who you trust. 


Wondering how to apply this formula for yourself?

Not for much longer!

Because in these Series of Learning Secrets, I will send you every day in the next 5 days, a new piece of the puzzle that will take you step by step through the process of mastering the German language.


So, tomorrow, I will tell you about PILLAR 1: How to build and keep STRONG MOTIVATION.


After this, you'll hear just once a week from me.
Every Thursday, you'll be the first one to get the freshly published new tip directly into your mailbox.


You'll love them! I promise!

And if they stop being interesting for you, you can unsubscribe at ANY given point, just with one click, without questions asked.


However if you have a burning question, anything connected to language and living in Germany skills, just send me an email.


Interesting or commonly asked questions can turn into an article. And those get to help many other learners like you who would appreciate you asking.


Thanks for joining my series of learning secrets and stay tuned for the next one.


Bis später Täter,




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And if you think that some friends can benefit from it, just share it with them! Pass along the wisdom! I'm sure, they will appreciate it.

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