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How to Build and Keep Strong Motivation

Strong Motivation is essential for learning German.

This is why it is the first pillar of my Successful Formula for Mastering Language Learning. It is our motives and goals in life that make us take action and go after our dreams. Whether we do something out of pleasure or fear, out of excitement or in order to accomplish something else, we always have a motive. In order to successfully master a foreign language, you need STRONG MOTIVES. In hard times, they will pull you through your learning process.

Are you sure your motivation is strong enough?

You can put it into test. In this article, I will show you how to do that and give you a tool in order to:

  • guide you step by step through the motivation process

  • help you understand your driving forces

  • make you take immediate action.

Most students when asked at the beginning of a class: How strong is your motivation to learn German? will tell you "strong" or "very strong". Logical - you would say. At the beginning, everyone is motivated. But then when I ask people: So, what do you want to learn first, they say: "You know, the normal things in everyday life:

  • going to the bakery,

  • going to the hairstylist,

  • going to the doctor,

  • talking to your colleagues at work, i.e. all places and situations where you need a basic understanding and communication that will help you feel functional and not like a tourist or a full moron.

However, the real motive behind this might be to do more than just survive in the country. It could be that you need German:

  • in order to create stronger and more meaningful relationships with the people at work, with your neighbors or someone else from your environment,

  • in order to learn and understand better their culture, their perspective and way of thinking.

  • Or you might be very pragmatic and need German so that you grow in your career. Because being abroad for a certain period of time, you will gain valuable international experience that will lead you to a higher position at work.

In order to be successful: You need more than that. You need very SPECIFIC motives.

Because honestly, after the first excitement is over and it comes to discipline and commitment, lots of students just lose it. They feel that it becomes difficult, they feel that they can't combine learning with all the other things they need to do in the same time and many just give up.

Successful learners, on the other hand, pull through. Not because they are smarter or more talented. But because they know exactly why they want to speak this language, they stay focused and know how to turn problems into CURIOSITY.

And this is why I created for you a step-by-step FunSheet that will help you to line out and schedule your learning priorities and create a clear plan for the next week, month and 6 months.

Please click here to fill out this FunSheet. You can then print it out and use it to track your learning progress. But if you want my personal expert feedback on it, then just hit the "Submit"-Button at the end. I promise that your answers will be treated confidentially.

Have Fun! And Give Your Motivation Free Run!

Bis später, Täter! Dilyana P.S. It is not coincidence that "STRONG MOTIVATION" is the first pillar. The next pillars will build upon the outcomes of your action plan. So, go and fill out the FunSheet :-)

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