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How to Find a Great German Mentor

Do you struggle with finding direction and structure when learning German?

You feel motivated and inspired, but in the same time overwhelmed by the amount of resources that you could use for learning (text and grammar books, online materials, your German surroundings)?

You basically don’t know where to start and how to break down the language into small learnable chunks? Then you are not the only one.

The Massive-Action-Problem of Thousands of Learners

Thousands of learners have the same problem.

They want to learn as fast and as much as possible. So they are ready for ACTION.

Especially the most motivated ones are ready to start immediately. They go and purchase a text book, self-learning software or subscribe for a class and try to absorb any amount of language that they come in contact with.

Shortly after that they start feeling frustrated and disappointed in their own learning abilities, because their brains don’t magically imbibe everything they were exposed to. What a pity?!

While taking immediate action is the right thing to do, taking too much action in the wrong direction will only lead you to a dead-end. So here is what makes a difference.

The Non-Expert vs. the Expert Approach

For best results, you need to go 100% pro! Yes, you do. But only if the results really matter to you.

There's a reason why world-class athletes hire world-class trainers.

Why the best chefs learn through apprenticeships.

Why even the most gifted musical prodigies seek out famous music teachers.

Successful people invest in their success.

They don't just wake up and pick up a violin. And they certainly don't just magically learn a language one day.

Top performers make a point to learn from the best.

They don't waste time trying to "try different things" or "figure it all out" themselves.

And they put in the time, money, and effort it takes to become successful. So the right way to go is, find a professional teacher or a really good mentor who you trust and follow his advice and instructions.

And don’t worry about your autonomy or the fact that you are asking for help. In fact, nobody can learn for or instead of you. Learning a language is and will always be your own responsibility. You will get your own results out of it and you are going to enjoy your personal success.

Having a pro on your side who can guide you through the ups and downs will only accelerate your own excellence and make it more enjoyable.

How to Recognize a Good Mentor

S/he will:

Working with A PROFESSIONAL MENTOR is the best way to ensure HIGH QUALITY RESULTS!

Going Pro, Taking a German Class or Self-Study

What is the difference between working with your personal mentor and going to a language class where you have also a professional teacher?

Professional soccer players also play in a team and have one trainer, right?

Yes, they do. But learning a language is more like a tennis game. You play with another person or maybe in a couple or you watch the game.

Speaking a language mostly happens in a dialogue form and sometimes when we are with family and friends, there are more of us. But it is not possible to have a real conversation with more than 3 or 4 people in the same time (except if you come from a big Italian family J). And even in bigger groups, there are just more than one conversation going on in the same time.

Just think about the types of conversations you have in the language you speak every day.

When do you actually speak the most: in a 1-on-1 with a colleague/friend/neighbor or in a group discussion/presentation?

When do you have to use language more actively: when you need to ask for something or share information with someone or when you sit in a coffee shop and observe other people passing by? Or when you read books at home (and talk to yourself)?

I think, the answer is obvious. Of course there are lots of free materials online: Click here to find out about the 6 big differences in the results and why some of them can do more damage to you than any good.

From My Professional Experience

In the last 20 years of learning and teaching German, I have experienced all possible learning settings (school classes, full immersion, taking a Volkhochschule-class, self-learning, teaching university classes and intensive courses, small group lessons and 1-on-1 private coaching).

Basically every possible learning and teaching scenario.

One thing that other students and I completely agree upon is that once you’ve found the right person to work with, there is no better way to learn than having your personal mentor you like and trust.

Watch this short video to hear what successful learners have to share.

Interested in Finding a Good Mentor for You?

You can use the form bellow to schedule a free consultation session with me. I will give you my best advice on modes and learning options for you.

In my practice, I work only with a very small, carefully selected group of people, but even if we happen not to be the perfect fit for each other, I’m excited to help you find the best way to improve your German language and intercultural skills.

Talk to you soon.

Bis dann,


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