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I Dare You: Take Your German Skills to the Next Level

Do you like challenges?

I love them.

Learning German and living abroad is quite a big one. However, I bet you haven't participated yet in a learning challenge like this one.

It is something that I always wished somebody would have organized for me so I decided to organize one for you.

And since in my experience as a language learner and as a teacher, vocabulary is always the big manco, I decided to dare you to participate in...

"In 30 Tagen zum B1-Zertifikat"

Starting from 1.01. to 30.01.2016,

We're devoting this challenge to all German students who:

- are studying for the B1 exam (Goethe, telc, Zertifikat für Zuwanderer)

- are struggling with learning vocabulary on their own

- are struggling with learning vocabulary on a regular basis

- want to try out some new methods

- want to get that final kick and bring their German skills to the next level.

It is about...

+ focusing on useful and relevant words

+ developing strong learning habits to study new words in context

+ actually learning the new vocab everyday

+ having fun while connecting with others like you

+ winning great prices

Sounds interesting? Then join us in this current challenge.


Challenge somebody else

Know anybody who needs to build up their vocabulary?

Challenge them by forwarding a link to this article or subscribe them for the challenge.

If you are interested in participating in such challenges, but B1 or vocabulary are not your focus, leave me a comment in what kind of challege (level and/or topic) you are interested and I'll give my best to organize it for you. May the most curious win!


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