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When Exhaustion Sets In… - And You Can’t Find Time for Yourself, Let Alone for German

A tool that will help you to refocus, get clarity and gain more time for the things that really matter to you. Results promised :-)

Life can be very involving and busy… forcing you to get up at 6 every morning and right before you could blink it’s dark outside… Again.

The day is over before it really started. And your “to-do”-list starts to sound more like a Santa Clause letter than anything that could realistically happen in the next 3 months, let alone today or until the end of the week.

It’s quite good that the day has only 24 hours. Imagine with how much more stuff you’d fill it if you had more time.

And that’s kind of the point.

The more time we have, the more we stretch ourselves. With all our planning, with all we wanted to do - at the end of the day, we are just fighting against our own expectations, full with distraction, frustration and dissatisfaction.

Stop here!

And answer this question.

What would you do differently if the day had 12 hours?

How do you plan differently?

What do you prioritize?

How many priorities do you have at all?

Anyway, this is not meant to be a lesson about time management.

Today, I wanna show you a great tool that helps you get results.

Namely, the results you want. Not the things you have to do.

How to get the results you want and feel good about yourself

When you think about your day, ask yourself:

1. What are the results I want to get?

Write down NOT what you have to do, but what’s the final result you want to have. Do you want to get something done?

Feel a certain way?

Or experience something specific?

Then, take this final result and ask yourself:

2. Why? Why is this result important to me?

What does it mean to get this thing done? Why is it important to feel a certain way or to experience something? What do you get from that?

This is a very important step, because by answering this question you actually reveal the real goal, feeling or motivation behind your actions. And the more compelling this reason is, the more focused you will stay on the result. The third and final question then is:

3. How? How do you get the results you need?

Here you can unlock your full creativity and decide how you want to distribute your resources.

Map it out. What are the steps you need to take?

Who are the people you need to involve or the time you need to invest?

Remember that when you’re short on resources (often time, money or help from others):

Being effective is never about the resources, but about being resourceful!

This system is not just a tool to look at your results and daily routines from a different angle, but it is a proven mechanism highly successful people have turned into a way of thinking. I learned it from the great life success coach Tony Robbins. And I truly believe that if you turn it into a habit to consciously evaluate and decide about your life, it will be of great service to you and the people around you.

Use it!

I’d be happy to hear about the great results you’re after.

Let me know in the comments below.

Having your best in mind,


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