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Personal wisdoms, strategies, tips and great resources
to save you time, money and frustration while learning German
Strategy & Knowhow


Or some learning magic to help you shortcut through struggle, confusion and lack of time.

Motivation Shot


Had a bad day? Got yelled at, intimidated or feeling self-conscious because you can't express and act the way you want? It's time for some praise and fun!


This is going to uplift your learning / frustrated mood and help switch from survival mode to let's get sh*t done!

Helpful Resources


Learning tools & references that I personally recommend you.

Community Support


Feeling alone on your journey. You are not. Come on over to our GermanSkills-Group and participate in the conversation. Share & learn from and with others.
It's fun.

Cultural Curiosities


Germans, Germany and German lifestyle. From traditions and cousine to tips of how to dive in and make the most out of your German experience. 

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