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You learn faster, because you practically practice ALL THE TIME.

Compare it to a class with 15 students. How much practice time do you get? It's simple math: In class if each of you speaks for 5 minutes, you've got 75 minutes and maybe the teacher explains something for 15 minutes and that's it. A 90-minutes-lesson is over.

In an individual lesson: you've got all the time to practice just for you. In 90 minutes, even if it is a constant dialogue with me, you get to speak for at least half of the time (45 minutes), which is 9 times more than in a class! 


NO TRAVELLING to school, 


NO MISSED classes, 


NO PROBLEM to reschedule


FULL FOCUS on boosting your German skills




We learn and practice what you really need. This is how it works:


  1. You name a situation you want to manage.

  2. ​I teach you the skills (words, structures, strategies) you need for that.

  3. ​We practice together.

  4. ​You go and apply it in real life.


Compared to traditional classes, you follow the group goals, which means either a standard level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) where you study for an exam so you get a certificate or you follow a textbook with standard topics. No matter if the one, the other or both: 


You follow the group pace. 

You answer the group questions.

And you meet the group needs.


Experience is the best teacher. 
Because you are fully engaged in the process of doing something highly relevant.

There is nothing more boring for a student than sitting in a room with a bunch of people that you can't find anything in common with. And even if you can, you see that nobody else really tries. 

There is nothing more discouraging for a teacher than to stand in front of those people and see their empty looks.

That is why, I chose to teach private lessons. Because:


I am curious about you!

I am excited about teaching you!

You know best what is most interesting to you. In our lessons, you pick the topics according to your interests and needs.

Curious to test how that works? 
Me too. Let's get in touch.

Other Learners' Results


Director at Novartis, Italy

"A colleague told me that I had become “one of them.”  For someone working on integrating into a foreign language, culture and work environment – there is no higher compliment!" 


Projects Lead at CSL Behring, Australia

"It wasn’t until I met Dilyana that I realised what a personalised approach offers. My time is so much more effectively spent with her than with anything else I’ve tried." 


Ohthalmologist at St.-Vincentius-Kliniken, Germany

"And that was the happy end, I got my job as an eye doctor in Germany...  That was the start ... Now I can be funny in German, dream in German :) mmm and sometimes be angry in German.
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